Into The Depths Sportfishing LLC is all about catching fish and having a great day on the water. We strive to put each customer on fish daily and make the day fun and enjoyable while aboard our boats. 
We started with a Parker 2520 in 2014 and added a Parker 2820 in 2019 and now we have added a Yellowfin 34 Offshore in 2021 to continue to serve our customer’s. We will continue to provide great customer service and make our main focus of catching fish and taking care of our customers a daily priority. 
Captain Donnie Bryant will operate our Parker 2520, Captain James Fisher will operate our Parker 2820 and Captain Wes Bryant will Operate our Yellowfin 34 Offshore boats. Again, we strive our best to take care of each group/customer daily and do everything we can to catch fish.
Thank you for your continued support to Into The Depths Sportfishing LLC for all your deep sea fishing trips in San Diego.
Captain Donnie Bryant